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LBC Ultralight Boots Care Guide 

How to clean and care for your Ultralight Boots 

Our collection of lightweight wellies and ankle boots offers a diverse range of options, including full-length designs and ankle boots suitable for men, women, and kids. Crafted from 100% waterproof, split-resistant, and crack-resistant lightweight EVA material, all our boots are easy to clean, store, and wear for years to come. While our boots are built to last, proper maintenance and storage are key to prolonging their lifespan. Follow our straightforward steps for caring for your boots to keep them fresh and preserve the longevity of your wellies! 

1) Start by removing any dirt or debris 

The design of all our boots offers a key advantage through the injection moulded process. This method allows us to mould the boots from a single piece of lightweight EVA material instead of two, eliminating seams or seals where dirt and debris could accumulate. As a result, a quick brush or wipe is usually sufficient to remove any excess mud or leaves, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. 

2) Clean your boots regularly to keep them looking new 

Use lukewarm water only to gently wipe off any remaining mud with a cloth or soft brush. Thanks to the smooth, durable singular material used, scrubbing shouldn't be necessary, and they can be cleaned both inside and out. It's crucial not to skip this step, particularly if you're wearing your boots in farm or stable environments, to minimise contact with any chemicals or animal waste that could affect the strength and performance of your footwear. 

3) Let your wellies dry naturally at room temperature 

All our boots are 100% waterproof and split and crack resistant due to the EVA polymer injection moulding process, however it is important your boots are maintained and stored appropriately to prolong their life. To prevent damage, refrain from storing your boots in direct sunlight, near artificial heat, or in freezing temperatures. Extreme temperatures can sometimes distort the shape and colour of your boots. 

4) Keep your socks/ liners clean and fresh 

All our boots come complete with inner socks/ liners which can be removed. To keep your feet cosy, warm and fresh we recommend washing these regularly. Simply remove the socks from your boots and wash on a low temperature wash and dry at room temperature. Why not order a second pair of socks for your boots to ensure your adventures don’t have to stop whilst you wait for your socks to dry? 

100% Waterproof 

If you are looking for a pair of waterproof wellies or boots, look no further than LBC Boots. All our designs are not only lightweight but also 100% waterproof, keeping your feet dry, warm and protected in harsh weather conditions. 

Why LBC Boots use EVA Ultralight materials 

What sets LBC Boots apart is the innovative material used in crafting all our footwear. Through an injection moulded process, we utilise a singular EVA Polymer material to produce a diverse range of boot styles and shapes. EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate, is renowned for its ability to create products with a "rubber-like" softness and flexibility, all while mitigating environmental and degradability concerns. With outstanding clarity, gloss, and properties like low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, waterproofing, and UV resilience, our boots offer exceptional durability. This means less wear and tear compared to traditional wellies, yet it's essential to provide appropriate care to further extend their lifespan. 

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