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Our Story The UK's lightest Wellington Boots 

In 2018, the inception of LBC Boots UK marked a transformative chapter in the world of Wellington Boots. Father and son, Kev and Charlie Burgess, embarked on a mission to spearhead a rEVAlution by embracing EVA material in the creation of these iconic footwear. Their vision was driven by a deep appreciation for the concept of crafting lightweight Wellington boots that were poised to address a genuine need in the UK. 
Beyond the allure of being the UK's lightest Wellington boots, the duo was enamored by the comfort and durability that EVA material offered. Every pair of LBC Boots is meticulously crafted through a single injection molding process using an EVA polymer, rendering them highly resistant to wear and tear. The added bonus of a removable, machine-washable liner ensures not only warmth but also unrivaled comfort. 

Ultralight Protective/Safety Boots 

The use of EVA material in Wellington boots originated in Europe but has rapidly gained global momentum, with Charlie and Kevin at the forefront of this movement in the UK. Attentive to their cherished customer base, they soon identified an emerging market demand for ULTRALight Protective/Safety Boots. These groundbreaking creations have redefined the industry, supplanting traditional heavy rubber or PVC footwear. 

The Ultralight ankle boot range 

In 2021, LBC Boots expanded their product line with the introduction of the Ultralight ankle boot range, catering to both men and women. These ankle boots come in a vibrant array of colours, making them ideal for any outdoor activity, from gardening and leisurely walks to farming and even horseback riding. They can be found in a wide network of retailers, ranging from leading garden centers to remote country and home stores, ensuring accessibility to all who seek lightweight, quality footwear. 

Delightful range of lightweight and colourful children's boots 

Additionally, LBC Boots has considered the entire family by offering a delightful range of lightweight and colorful children's boots, embodying the same comfort and durability that define their adult counterparts. The LBC Boots legacy is one of innovation, comfort, and a commitment to providing the perfect footwear solutions for people from all walks of life. 

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